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David Lewis Morgan

I was invited by a musician friend to attend an Austin Songwriter’s Group event at Threadgill’s World Headquarters way back in 2003. Several local artists played their original songs on the beer garden stage and during the show Lee Duffy announced their annual song contest would be soon. I was hooked! I wanted to learn how to do what they did! I entered and was blown away that one of my babies scored an honorable mention in the Rock category! That was all it took to engage myself in what turned out to be the friendship, encouragement, nuts and bolts of song craft, annual symposiums, and so much more I would need for the journey to accomplish my musical goals.

At this point, I have written more than a few songs, but none of them would be even close to their current state had it not been for the generous help, advice, friendship and comradery of the Song Doctor Sessions! Without question, most of my best friends now I met in ASG! Gotta’ love this awesome group of people!!!

Jeanie Sliva

As a singer/songwriter, I have the support and encouragement of fellow songwriters, as well as numerous opportunities to grow as an artist through weekly song critiques, monthly meetings, and additional workshops and symposiums sponsored by ASG. I found my “tribe" with the Austin Songwriters Group!

Chris Robeson

One of my favorite parts of being a member of ASG is the Song Doctor group that meets twice a week. Anyone can bring a song they’re working on and everyone takes turns listening and giving feedback. You can honestly learn more about writing by critiquing other songs than you do by receiving critiques. I personally use the meetings as an excuse to write. I usually bring a song that I started creating that day. I like to bring something new that I have yet to become attached to. I get a lot of creative ideas about where to steer it. It’s a great community of sensitive and thoughtful writers who look forward to hearing each other’s progress. Plus you don’t need a song to come. It’s fun to just hang out and listen to what other people are whittlin’ on.

Volney Campbell

Many years ago, I wrote and performed songs to a wall in my bedroom. No one in the industry heard them, I had no idea how to reach that audience other than live performance, and at that time there weren’t a lot of publishers here in Austin. Then I joined the Austin Songwriters Group and found a home to grow my musical dreams. All those years later, I have been played on the radio, have had a song played on network television worldwide on a popular show, and have three records on all the major music services. More importantly I have strong personal relationships with publishers nationwide who get to hear my songs regularly. I cannot thank Rick Busby and Lee Duffy enough for helping me learn to craft a song, refine it to make it special, and introduce me to their very deep sphere of music industry professionals. I highly recommend if writing music is your passion, or something you want to explore further, join ASG, it’s not an organization, it’s a family, and it will repay your small investment many times over.

Wayne Gathright

Wow, I can't express enough gratitude to the Austin Songwriter's Group for their contribution to my songwriting, especially the 'Song Doctor' sessions. Since starting as a new songwriter in 2014, the input of the 'doctors' (Lee, Rick and Gregg) and other ASG members has been invaluable. There is not one song that I have taken to the 'Song Doctor' that hasn't come out better. In addition to getting to hear different points of view, song arrangement ideas, structure comments, and lyric suggestions, just the experience of hearing songs from other members can be inspiring. It's like having a room full of co-writers, all gathered with your best interest at heart, and the goal to help your song be the best possible expression of creativity that it can be.

Jim Heckroth

The ASG weekly “Song Doctor” sessions provide a safe and friendly environment to share your works-in-progress with other songwriters for critiques/comments. You instantly get a network of songwriting friends that are willing to listen and give their feedback. I was hooked on ASG after my first visit with “the Doctor”, and many of my songs have improved thanks to the critiques received in these sessions.

I’ve attended many of the ASG Symposiums in the 10+ years I’ve been associated with the group, and I always return from these events feeling affirmed, refreshed, and motivated-to-write (and maybe a little tired from the everyone-welcome “picking circles” that often run late into the night). And the sessions with hit songwriters and publishers that occur at different times during the year are equally beneficial. The ASG meetings and song-swaps are also always fun events, with a room full of like-minded songwriters of all different skill levels that greet new faces like old friends.

Francine Honey

 The motto says it all "Songwriters Serving Songwriters".  The ASGI truly is an international organization that "serves" the songwriter.  I was invited to represent Canada at an Austin Songwriters Group/Texas Songwriters Group Symposium in 2016.  What I experienced that year was a one-of-a-kind symposium where I got to pitch my songs to publishers from Nashville, Austin and Los Angeles, receive education and advice targeted to writing, performing and marketing my songs as an artist as well as learning what the current trends are in the music industry.  There were other tracks for songwriters who are not performers looking to get their music to other artists to perform as well as to film and TV.  The 4 days were filled with learning, mentoring and networking opportunities and night time performances, showcases and song circles.  If that wasn't enough, the publishers gave their picks of the day and explained why that was their pick.  One evening was also dedicated to excellence in songwriting with a judged songwriting competition including Songwriter of the Year.  In a world where so many Songwriting Contests are based on popularity with fan voting, this competition is one of the few judged songwriting contests left that truly judge the merit of the song with many diverse categories. 

The camaraderie, support and collaborative nature of those that run the ASGI trickles down to the publishers, speakers, lawyers and other special guests that are invited to participate, the volunteers and to the ASGI members themselves.  I have traveled the world and attended many songwriting conferences and I continue to return to the ASGI every year from Canada to attend.  It is one of my top 2 conferences to attend as a songwriter.  I have never had an experience with a publisher or other mentor affiliated with the ASGI who has tried to put my light out as a creative.  Each time I am lifted up and inspired to keep going.  I come home with new found friends and more tools for my toolkit.  Lee Duffy, with her quiet humility and calm demeanor is the foundation of the ASGI. She willingly shares her knowledge, experience and her many connections within all areas of the music business and stays relevant bringing in current #1 hit-writing songwriters along with the right mix of seasoned mentors and publishers who genuinely serve and support every songwriter.  Even during the days of COVID, Lee contacted me to see how I was and to make sure I knew that the ASG started holding space for songwriters on Zoom twice a week at no cost.  That is commitment.  Thank you ASGI.  Can't wait 'till next time!

Francine Honey

International Award-Winning Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, & Producer Apr 2023


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